In-school Programmes

We run in-school programmes throughout the academic year at secondary and third level schools, colleges and universities. We have half day, full day, 10 week module and year long programme options.

Our most popular programmes are:

Express Yourself

Express Yourself, levels 1 – 6. This programme encourages students to share ideas and thoughts clearly and confidently and leads towards our specially designed Express Yourself exam.

Inspire Programme

This programme inspires students to enjoy sharing their opinions, own story and unique perspective. It culminates with a social speaking event where students speak from their perspective on a selected topic.

The Confident Communicator

This advanced programme equips students with the skills to clearly share their ideas with enthusiasm, to engage their listeners and to make a positive impact. This programme leads towards an RIAM Communications Exam.

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Other Courses

Group Classes

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Teaching Diplomas

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